JEWELRY SALE : Save 10% on all products


JEWELRY SALE : Save 10% on all products


About Me

About _ Amy Diener, About the Artist, Inspirational Artist, OCD Artist, Color Lover

Hi, I’m Amy Diener and I’m a lover of color, painting, and traveling!

I grew up in the suburbs of New York and currently reside in Bangkok, Thailand. I create hand-painted jewelry, which consists of painting dots on jewelry boxes, necklaces, earrings, and rings as well as on hair accessories, stones, shells, and miniature canvases. Each painted dot is crafted by hand with love and joy. Painted products are made on a variety of surfaces such as wood, gemstone, pearl, shell, stone, and canvas. I love to go out on treasure hunts during my travels in search of materials to paint on. The materials are personally collected from various countries worldwide including Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Barcelona, and Italy. It can take anywhere from hours to days to find the perfect material to paint on! Additionally, many of my works are inspired by the colors and patterns from nature during my travels encountours.

My jewelry and hair accessories are super fun to wear, will make you feel fabulous about yourself, and put you in an optimistic mood! My jewelry boxes, stones, shells, and mini canvases will brighten up your day and make you feel happy and calm! They are also fantastic gifts for loved ones!

Having a long history of battling OCD, painting dots has been a positive outlet for me. The painting process is very repetitive and requires a lot of focus. It is a mindful practice, where I can be fully present and aware in the moment. I am able to embody the repetitive experience without getting lost in my thoughts. I am able to turn my suffering into something beautiful and inspirational!

For every original painting sale through my website, I will be donating 5% of funds to the International OCD Foundation.

This money will go towards bringing awareness, education, and accessible and effective treatment for individuals suffering from OCD. Individuals may use art therapy as a form of treatment, along with ERP (exposure response prevention) therapy. Treatments can be expensive like it was for me, so I want to reach out a hand!