Mindfulness calms the body and focuses the soul, letting you see inside the spirit of nature — this inspiration is the focus of my mandala dot collection, Awareness of Asia.
Painting dots is a mindful painting practice, taking focus and repetition, where one small dot creates a masterpiece of the spirit, truly representative of how every small piece of nature and humanity combined is far greater than the sum of its parts.
Mindfulness focuses the mind and body, bringing peace through present-moment awareness. As I paint, I am fully present in the moment, feeling a cognitive and emotional release during the process. I achieve a liminal state, a pause or space in between the breaths. In this calm state, I have the ability to control my own emotions, behaviors, and actions. After the process, I take a step back, gaining new perspectives and new ways of perceiving existence. The result of the process is a sense of self-awareness, confidence, and acceptance.
The Awareness of Asia collection is inspired by the floral, landscape, and animal colors from my travels. I am interested in how the selected color palettes can affect sensory and psychological perceptions. 
My goal for the paintings is to provide a therapeutic experience for viewers.  I hope that the colorful dots encourage viewers to pause, take a breath, and enchant their minds and spirits.